Stay safe & when it's all over I'll see you on the road..... PJB

Quick Biography:

With the aid of an acoustic guitar or piano he sits centre-stage and recounts with his powerful seducing voice the tales of his life on the back streets of Leeds/England, his touring years through to his crippling road accident in Brighton/ England which still leaves him limping around with foot splint..... 

In the 80s he was the guitarist & founding member to the successful Rock/Goth band, The Rose of Avalanche, which produced many great albums and singles.  Eventually enough was enough and he broke up the band in the 90s and embarked on a solo career under his own name. He played in every possible venue in the UK and Europe and even a trip ot two across the pond. 

The RoA have recently reformed with all original members and Paul is delighted to find kinship with his old mates from Leeds!! 

4 solo albums later (PJB, Ginnel ,Nations and Spitfire Juukebox1) which saw him support giants of the songwriting genre such as Frank Black, Vic Chestnutt, The Cranberries, Kevin Coyne, David Bowie, Howe Gelb, Townes Van Zandt, etc.