Julie Hamill - Boogaloo Radio, London: « wooo hold on there a minute Berry - are you the love child of Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond? I think so. Great voice! «

Bubblegum Slut/ UK: « A paradoxical mix of a Yorkshire man’s Northern bluntness that tells it like it is and a “continental poetic tongue which educates and stirs…! « 

Stylus mag/ Canada:  « Berry has a keen intellect, a disdain for those buffered from reality, and an internalised anger that fuels the vitriol in every adjective. It is real life undecorated, and smoulders like the everyday pressures. This is fucking brilliant. Clean glass please, and leave the bottle! »


Just one instrument and a voice. A voice that educates and stirs. 

Paul James Berry isn't your average singer songwriter. Strap in to experience his incendiary delivery of stories from a life well lived. Yorkshire born and bred, during the bleakness of the 70's and early 80's, PJB picked up a guitar and discovered his passport out of a life heading down the wrong path. As founding member of The Rose of Avalanche, PJB heavily toured the UK and Europe, scoring a string of Independent chart hits along the way. 

Motivations and tastes change, so the time was right for PJB to move onto a solo career, a solo career that has delivered four albums to date, and support slots for the likes of Frank Black, David Bowie, Vic Chestnutt, The Cranberries, to name just a few. 

Driven by a desire to reconnect with long lost friends, PJB was instrumental in re-forming The Rose of Avalanche in 2019, and by the time he moved on again in 2022, they had played a string of successful headline shows in the UK & Europe, released an album of their BBC Radio sessions, and supported The Mission on their 2022 UK tour.